Eyes of diverse equines, from Tim Flach’s EQUUS.

Top row (from left):  American Paint Horse, Grant’s Zebra, Zonkey

Middle row:  Perlino, Arabian, Appaloosa

Bottom row:  Appaloosa, Zorse, Grulla

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New piece posted today, and it’s quite the show stopper! It’s made entirely of buzzard bones and utilizes about 50% of the skeleton. Check it out over at!

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When people ask “Is it okay if I eat animals in front of you? Do you think it’s icky? I won’t do it in front of you if it upsets you or grosses you out!” the only reasonable response I can think to say in honesty is, "I find it insulting that you care more about social etiquette than you do the actual lives of animals".

I think very few people know how much of a trap question it is. If I say, “Yes it bothers me, don’t eat animals in front of me”, that means to the person I’m admitting I just think eating animals is icky or gross or distasteful instead of morally wrong; that if it doesn’t happen in front of me it’s not my concern; that veganism is about how I feel instead of how other animals feel. (Besides, people almost always ask this about meat only, but then chow down on something covered in cheese, or haul around their leather jacket)

If I say “No, it doesn’t bother me”, to them I’m saying “when people exploit animals, it doesn’t bother me, live and let live, I’m the good vegan, I don’t judge anyone, peace and love even if you pay for the brutal slaughter of sentient beings teehee!” They’re just asking for a moral pass - they feel that if they don’t upset you, then they have nothing to worry about morally. They’re redirecting the guilt they feel in your presence to you as a person instead of you as someone who brings up issues bigger than just interpersonal relationships. If you give them that pass, you’ve let them believe that veganism isn’t about how it affects animals, but how it affects humans.

When friends ask me this question, you’re damn right I’m going to give them a hard time for it. Even if they say they’re “just trying to be nice/respectful”, I’d seriously ask them to direct that respect and kindness towards animals that are being literally tortured and killed, instead of towards me. My life is not threatened by someone eating animals in front of me. They don’t owe me an apology; they owe the animals an apology.

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"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping."

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  • Me: Where are the owls? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?
  • Hooters Waitress: Please sir, you're causing a fuss and disturbing the other customers-
  • Me: *banging my hands rhythmically on the table* WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE-ARE-THE-OWLS? WHERE ARE THE OWLS?


The deer suddenly ran in front of me. I guess he really wanted to be in the shot.

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Roe dear by  on 500px

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I wish there was a vegan artists masterpost on tumblr. A list with the name of artists who are vegan so we can meet people with similar interests, or if someone who’s vegan wants to commission an artist who is preferably vegan too etc.

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havocados [i know he does graphic design and stuff]















all the ones i follow haha

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yo if you see somebodys got self-harm scars dont be the dumb asshole who comments on it, its none of your business just keep your mouth shut

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